Hotel’s Internet Revenue Triples

After effective SEO strategies increased website traffic by 350%

The Client

A luxury boutique hotel wanted more traffic to their website as well as improved conversion rates. After having success marketing offline, they approached us with hopes of getting more from their online marketing efforts. Peak season was quickly approaching, so time was of the essence.

The Problem

The client had a fairly solid web presence from the outset, so it was unclear how much additional traffic we would be able to generate. Despite this, client’s website was very poor at converting visitors to customers. It was clear that client was missing out on substantial revenue.

The Approach

We upgraded the website and content, and then optimized both for search engines as well as conversions. Simultaneously, we began a strategic SEO campaign to improve organic rankings. Finally, we installed a live chat feature and trained client’s staff on effective implementation.

The Results
rankings for top keywords
increase in traffic
conversion rate imporvement
additional revenue generated

Home Contractor Gets 10X More Leads

While slashing AdWords cost per lead by 95% with our help

The Client

A fast growing home services contractor approached us looking to get more out of their Google AdWords campaigns. They hired us to deliver a 2:1 return on their paid search advertising spend — meaning for every $1 spent on ads, they wanted to get back at least $2 in revenue.

The Problem

For the past year, the client was paying another agency to manage its AdWords campaigns, and they were barely breaking even. Without improving the profitability of their paid advertising efforts, the business would not be able to continue growing at its current rate.

The Approach

First, we scrapped the old campaigns and built brand new ones from scratch using our own keyword lists. Next, we created high converting landing pages that were laser targeted to each ad group. We also wrote compelling ad variations to split test and set up bid modifiers for time, day and season.

The Results

For Every $1 Spent on Ads, We Generated $6 in Sales.

reduction in cost per lead
conversion rate improvement
more leads each month
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